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ST58 Short Beam Shear Test

A guided three point bend jig in accordance with ASTM D 2344 designed to test the interlaminar shear properties of composite materials. The lower span is adjustable to allow the span/sample thickness ratio to be set in accordance with the standard. Precision guide shafts and linear bearings ensure the alignment remains correct throughout the test. Side guidance for centralising the sample is provided.

Anvils are hardened steel. The lower support anvils are 3.2mm ( 1/8″ ) diameter and the upper loading anvil is 6.35mm ( 1/4″ ) diameter. All anvils can rotate about their axes during the test. Load can be applied to the fixture either through a pair of compression plattens, or via the loose fitting connection shown. This connection allows for angular misalignment of the loading rod.

All parts are either stainless steel or plated for excellent corrosion resistance.

Full Description

Maximum Load


Sample Size

Max length 100mm, Max width 50mm.

Sample Type

GRP, CFRP and similar fibre reinforced resin composites.




Alternative anvil diameters can be supplied on request.