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ST61 Split Disc Tensile Test Jig ASTM D 2290 (pair)

A split ring, is fitted to the inside of the annular shaped sample. The two halves of the split ring are separated by the action of the testing machine, applying a tensile load to two sections of the sample. 4 specimen types are defined, the fixture varies according to the sample type under test. Universal joints are recommended to be used.

Type A specimens are defined in width, thickness and diameter.

Type B specimens have the same width and internal diameter as Type A but the thickness is left as wound and cured.

The reduced section samples can be any diameter or thickness, according to the product they are taken from. Overall width and reduced width are defined by the standard as 0.5″ and 0.25″ respectively.

Large diameter pipe specimens can also have any diameter or thickness, but the width is controlled at 2″.

Full Description

Maximum Load

This is dependant on the sample type.

Sample Type
  • Parallel fibre reinforced ring test specimens type A and B made to one specific size.
  • Reduced section specimens for moulded or extruded products.
  • Large diameter extruded pipe specimens.


  • ST61/1 suitable for specimens type A and B.
  • ST61/2 suitable for reduced section specimens.
  • ST61/3 suitable for large diameter pipe specimens.