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Peel and Friction Grips and Fixtures from Seatallan

If there's one test that really need a firm grip, it's a peel test or friction test for adhesive bonds! Our grips are precision-engineered for a firm and consistent grip on all types of materials, including tapes and adhesives, rubbers, films, packaging and any two bonded adherants that might be tempted to part company.

Our peel test jigs enable testing for crucial behaviors at either 90 or 180 degrees, including shearing, peak peel load, and peel strength variability. They enable you to test your materials to the relevant ASTM, ISO, CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standard with consistency and accuracy.

For details of our Coefficient of Sliding Friction jig for thin films, see also our Plastic Film Testing section.

Buy your Seatallan peel and friction jigs at our new online store, or call us, and we'll ship your direct to your door, and charge you less than prices for original OEM grips and fixtures.