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ST55 Compression Fixture

This fixture complies with the requirements of ASTM D 3410 for testing composite materials in compression. The top and bottom halves of the fixture are guided on precision linear bearings to ensure accurate alignment. Samples are first loaded into an alignment jig with the jaws to ensure the sample is square to the axis of the jaw faces. The sample/jaw face assembly is then loaded in to the fixture and the two halves brought together to perform the test.

Separate jaw faces are included with the jig to allow testing within 3 ranges of thickness, 3-9 mm, 7-12 mm and 10-15 mm. Jaw faces are hardened to approximately 60HRC and have a fine tooth pattern on the gripping surface. Alternative hard particle faces can be supplied if required.

The fixture will accommodate gauge lengths from 10-25mm. Extended guide rods may be fitted if samples with a gauge length longer than 25mm are to be tested.

Full Description

Sample Size

Max length 140-155mm, max width 38mm, max thickness 15.5mm.

Sample Type

GRP, CFRP, and similar fibre reinforced resin composites.


25 kg.


Installation fixture and jaws to accommodate different ranges of sample thickness are included with the fixture.