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Seatallan • leading manufacturers of Grips & Fixtures for Materials Testing

When you need a precision grip for testing materials including metal, paper, and plastic film, but don't want to pay OEM part prices, call Seatallan.


As one of Europe's leading supplier of testing grips and fixtures for the materials testing industry, our products are precision made for accurate, reliable and consistent results in high-precision physical testing. Our expertise and experience in grips and fixtures ensures your product development and QA tests comply with ASTM, EN, and ISO testing standards.


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Covid 19 update

Despite the COVID19 restrictions and the difficulties of social distancing in the factory we are still working at full capacity at the moment.  None of us knows what the future holds but we are doing our best to fulfill customer orders and get them shipped.  Some things are beyond our control, some of our subcontractorts are working short time and carriers are sometimes a day late in collecting which may extend our deliveries a little but we will soldier on as long as we are allowed to and as long as none of our employees goes down with the virus.  The one thing that we fear may cause the system to completely fail is if companies stop paying their bills.  It is understandable that cash flow is critical at this time but this has to be balanced against keeping the flow of goods going to prevent as many companies as possible from failing.

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Textile Testing

Textile testing seems to be very popular at the moment, partucularly ASTM D5034 the grab test and ASTM D2261 the tear test.  Pneumatic grips are ideal for this type of test with their constant clamping load, which when combined with rubber faced jaws they give a good coefficient of friction with most materials helping to eliminate slippage in the jaws.  Because most clients are performing several different tests with different jaw sets, quick release jaws  combined with space in the grip body, above the jaws, for finger room, are frequently requested.  Ball burst test fixtures to ASTM D6797 and ASTM D3787 are often ordered by customers to compliment the tensile tests.  Our range of pneumatic grips and puncture fixtures can be used to perform these tests with modifications to suit the customer onrequest.

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Our New Website

Welcome to our new website.  We have completely re-designed our website, adding new product categories and expanding existing ones.  New to this website is the Film Testing section Film Testing Equipment which includes our new Falling Dart Impact Testers, Inclined Plane Friction Tester and other items associated with the testing of thin plastic films.  Also new to the site is the online shop which allows you to purchase online through Paypal or using your credit card.  We think you will find this new site easier to use and more comvenient for your purchases.

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Special Fixtures for Special Clients

We have been very active with special fixtures this month.


A customer required a pair of pneumatic vice grips to work in water up to a temperature of 80°C. As well as manufacturing the grips we also produced the water bath with heating, and a lifting and lowering pneumatic system for the bath to allow the customer to load and unload the samples.


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