Plastic film testing equipment by Seatallan

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Clear plastic films such as food grade cling film and stretch wrap and nonstretch films for packaging are notoriously difficult to test, so Seatallan has developed new film testing machines and jigs to make the job easier!

Our film testing jigs enable you to test for the critical qualities of plastic films, including elastic recovery, break strength, and puncture resistance. Combined with your OEM materials testing machine, our precision-made grips, fixtures, and jigs enable you to perform standard tests with ease and precision, especially with samples cut using our Thin Film Sample Cutter!

Also, our Falling Dart Impact Tester and Inclined Sliding Friction testers are available for stand-alone testing of plastic film to international standards.

Our range includes:

✔ Falling Dart Impact Tester
✔ Inclined Plane Friction Tester
✔ Puncture Test Fixture
✔ Thin Film Sample Cutter

Seatallan fixtures can also be used for:

✔ TAPPI friction test
✔ Falling dart impact test
✔ Gardner impact test
✔ Bruceton staircase method testing

ASTM Film Testing Specifications

Since all Seatallan plastic film testing grips are manufactured to exacting specifications, you can achieve consistent results when testing to appropriate standards including:

✔ ASTM D-5458: Peel Cling of Stretch Wrap Film
✔ ASTM D-5748: Protrusion Puncture Resistance of Stretch Wrap Film
✔ ASTM D-882: Tensile Properties
✔ ASTM D-1894: Coefficients of Friction

For more details, call Seatallan on +44 (0)1489 790049, or click on the links to buy your plastic films testing testers 24/7/365.