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Composites Grips and Fixtures

Specially designed for accurate and repeatable testing of composite materials, the Seatallan range includes compression fixtures, short beam shear test jigs, peel jigs and tensile test jigs.

Our precision grips and fixtures enable you to perform mechanical tests to assess the full characterization of the properties of anisotropic and homogeneous composite materials. All our test fixtures can also be changed quickly and easily so you can perform a wide range of tests and reduce productivity time lost through to test delays.

Our compression testing fixtures are compliant with all relevant ASTM, ISO, prEN and DIN test standards.

Buy your Seatallan Composites jigs and Fixtures online now, or you don't see what you need from our range below, call us on +44 (0)1489 790049. We can engineer any bespoke solutions required to your exact specifications.