About Seatallan Ltd

Seatallan Ltd is a specialist supplier of grips and fixtures for the materials testing industry. We manufacture a wide range of standard grips for tension/compression testing machines, as well as offering a design and manufacturing service for special grips and fixtures to customer requirements.

A history of quality

Founded in 1995, Seatallan Ltd is one of just a handful of manufacturers in Europe that supply OEM compatible grips and fixtures direct to the materials testing industry. We have built an enviable reputation for high quality, precision durable jigs that enable consistent and reliable testing to meet ASTM, ISO, EN and other technical standards.

Seatallan Engineering Ltd

Our sister company Seatallan Engineering Ltd was set up in 2001 to supply precision components for our grips as well as machined components for the testing machine, power station, marine and environmental industries. Because of our involvement in the testing machine industry, Seatallan Engineering can also provide a manufacturing service to materials testing machine manufacturers. This service includes manufacturing their own designs of grip under contract, as well as testing, packaging and labeling, leading to a complete product, ready to ship.

Precision grips for industry testing and academic research

Tension/compression testing machines are widely used in industry for quality assurance purposes and in research and university materials laboratories for fundamental material research. We supply some of the world’s largest testing machine manufacturers with our grips, and also export to all parts of the world.

Analogue Chart Recorders

Seatallan Ltd also manufactures analogue pen flatbed chart recorders, a high quality analogue strip chart recorder that offers simple plug and play functionality. Our chart recorders are widely used in industry, research and universities, and are preferred over digital data loggers for their rugged construction and reliability.

Special testing machine manufacture

The design and build of special testing machines is also one of our specialities. These fall outside the normal tension/compression machines and can include falling weight, falling dart machines, sample cutters, pressure testers etc. With our own in-house design and manufacturing capability we have completed several of these contracts for clients in Europe and beyond.

Tell us what you need

At Seatallan, we have a great track record in creating innovative and well-engineered solutions to clients' specific testing challenges. To discuss your requirements, call us or email us.