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ST94 50kN Long Span Bending Jig

A simple long span 3 point bend jig that relies on the materials testing machine to maintain alignment between the top and bottom parts. It is constructed in steel with steel anvils. The span is infinitely adjustable between 10 and 1060mm.

An adjustable 4 point bend attachment is available with a span of 350mm. Anvil radius is 5mm.

The anvils are removable and different radii can be supplied on request. There is a minimum size for the interchangeable anvils of 5mm diameter. Below 5mm a radiused block is substituted for the round anvils. If required rotating anvils mounted on bearings can be fitted, please enquire if this is necessary. A transducer mounting kit is available to fit an 8mm diameter LVDT to the fixture. Maximum LVDT stroke is 10mm.

Full Description

Maximum Load


Sample Size

Width 110mm max, span 10-1060mm. Standard anvil radius 5mm.

Sample Type

Plaster board, fibre board, glass fibre


40kg approximately.

  • 4 Point bend attachment
  • Transducer mounting kit
  • Other anvil diameters on request
  • Ball bearing mounted anvils on request