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ST73 300kN Bending Jig

This fixture is a heavy duty three point bending jig. The jig sits on the lower fixed crosshead of the machine and relies on the crosshead to support the beam. The upper anvil alignment is maintained by the testing machine. Both upper and lower anvils are 12.5 radius as standard but can be varied to suit. The anvils may be changed by the operator using an allen key. Guidance for the upper anvil can be provided if required.

A transducer mounting kit for an LVDT is available to measure deflection directly on the sample.

Full Description

Maximum Load


Sample Size
  • 30-575mm long, maximum width 100mm.
  • Standard anvil radius 12.5mm, others on request.
  • Four point bend attachment 30-200mm span, 100mm wide sample.
Sample Type

Metal, plastic, wood, etc.




4 point bend attachment / Part Number / S73008

Transducer mounting kit / Part Number / S73009