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ST1/50 (pair)

This is a general purpose grip for flat samples.

The sample is held between the body and the eccentrically mounted roller. As the load increases the gripping action becomes self tightening due to cam action between the roller and the body.

Samples up to 30mm wide and 5mm thick can be accommodated. Thicker samples will fit but the load axis moves to far from the centre of the mounting hole. Also the self tightening action becomes less effective with thicker samples, a trial with your sample may be necessary to determine the effectiveness of the gripping action.

Stainless steel or plated finishes are used throughout to provide excellent corrosion protection.

Full Description

Maximum Load

Sample Size
50mm × 6mm.

Sample Type
Rubbers, plastics, general polymers and some metals. The softer metals such as brass, aluminium and mild steel generally work best. Samples must be flat.

0.9 kg per pair.