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ST20 50kN Sample Holder (pair)

The grip consists of two T slotted sample holders and two rectangular inserts. The standard inserts have M10 female threads for samples with M10 male threaded ends.

The inserts can be modified to suit a wide variety of samples. Threaded samples up to M20, standard round dumbbells, and headed samples ( screws, nails, bolts etc. ) are some of the samples that can be tested.

We can also supply plates 50mm square for adhesive testing. This test is commonly used in the timber industry where the two plates are glued either side of a sample of laminated wood e.g. plywood. The glued assembly is then placed in the holders and pulled to test the inter-laminar glue line strength. This arrangement has been used in many other industries for tension testing adhesives.

The grips have also been used for nail and screw withdrawal tests.

Full Description

These grips are supplied with a set of jaws as detailed in the specification.  If you do not require the standard jaws please select the “without jaws” option from the drop down price menu and then add to your cart the jaws you require from those shown at the bottom of this page

Maximum Load

Sample Size
Up to M20 threaded samples.
Up to 20mm diameter plain samples.
35mm diameter head on headed samples.

Sample Type
Cylindrical samples with either a threaded or headed end, also adhesives and laminates, please see text.

0.95 kg per pair.

Standard M10 plates
Part Number S20003

Adhesive plates 50mm × 50mm
Part Number S20004

Standard dumbbell type A
Part Number S20005

Standard dumbbell type B
Part Number S20006