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Seatallan Ltd is a specialist supplier of materials testing grips and fixtures designed to fit most OEM testing machines. All our standard grips and fixtures are manufactured by us here in the UK to the most exacting specifications.


Our high-precision manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic grips, jigs and fixtures ensure your product testing and manufacturing quality control is always efficient and standard compliant.


All our grips are supplied and priced as a pair and include a standard set of jaws, exceptions are fixtures such as bending jigs, friction testing etc where the upper part is completely different from the bottom.  All grips and fixtures come complete and ready to use and are adapted to suit your particular testing machine.  Due to the large quantity of different testing machines in the market we keep our grips as piece parts and assemble to order.  For the most popular grips we hold stock of the piece parts but will require a short time to machine the correct fittings into the grip to suit your machine, grips that are not so popular will need longer to complete.


Click for more details on our entire grips and fixtures range which are compatible with  original equipment manufacturers tension/compression testing machines.


Bending Jigs

OEM compatible bending grips (flexural grips) for compressive 3-point and 4-point bending tests on semi-rigid materials including wood, rigid plastics, glass, ceramics and more.
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Composites Grips and Fixtures

Our precision grips and fixtures ensure a consistent and repeatable grip for the mechanical testing of composite materials, components and structures.

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Compression Grips and Fixtures

Compression platens (plates) for a consistent and accurate compression test on hard and soft materials including plastics, rubber, foams, cartons, bottles and ceramics.

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Hydraulic Grips

Beautifully engineered, hydraulic vice grips, either single acting or double sided for tension tests on samples including metals, rubbers, plastics, and geotextiles where high loads are expected and a constant gripping force are required.
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Paper Grips and Fixtures

A range for testing jigs for paper, board and corrugated board testing, including a corrugated board crush for board compression tests, and a wet paper sample finch device.
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Peel and Friction Grips and Fixtures

A selection of grips and fixtures to test the peel strength of adhesives at both 90 and 180 degrees, peel jigs for performing T-peel and container lid peel tests. We also manufacture our own precision German wheel test fixture, as well as our popular Coefficient of Sliding Friction jig.
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Pneumatic Grips

The Seatallan range of testing pneumatic grips include both single and double acting grips, self centering pneumatic vice grips and various sizes of grip to exert a range of pressures.
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Scissor Grips

Self-tightening scissor grips are ideal for swift flat sample changes or when the action of wedge grips is too slow.
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Vice Grips

Single acting and double acting vice grips (manual vise grips to our US clients), for precision tension testing of flat samples of rubbers, plastics, films, fabrics, paper, and laminates. You can also offset samples for shear testing as required, and perform tests such as the trouser tear test for fabrics.
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Wedge Grips

General purpose lever and capstan operated wedge grips for a range of materials testing applications, all designed and made here in the UK.
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Wire Rope and Yarn Grips

Beautifully balanced bollard and clamp style grips for materials testing of wire, yarn, fibre, thread, string, tapes and rope.
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Miscellaneous Grips and Fixtures

What extensive range of grips and fixtures would be complete without a Miscellaneous section. Our "don't quite fit into any category” grips include eccentric roller grips, motorised ring grips and specific sample holders.
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