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ST91 Thin Film Puncture Jig

This fixture is designed to test the puncture resistance of flexible samples cut from thin film. Samples can be either circular or rectangular. The rubber lined clamp consists of an upper and lower clamp plate forced together by two toggle clamps. The standard clamp is 88mm diameter with a central 50mm diameter hole. The samples can be larger than the outside diameter of the clamp as long as the material is flexible enough to wrap around the sides of the body of the fixture. A standard 20mm probe is supplied, which mounts on the loadcell of the testing machine. Alternative smaller diameter clamp plates and other diameter of probe can be supplied on request, alternatively larger fixtures can be supplied if required.

Full Description

Maximum Load
1.0kN. This is the rating of the grip, the actual force that can be applied to the sample will depend on its coefficient of friction.

Sample Size
Flat sample, circular or square. Clamp inner diameter 50mm, outer diameter 88mm, Probe diameter 20mm.

Sample Type
Thin sheets and films up to 0.3mm thick

3.0kg approximately.

Plates can be supplied for diameters less than 50mm within the clamp, and other probe diameters are available on request.