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ST89 50kN Split Bollard Webbing Grip (pair)

Originally designed for seatbelt webbing, this grip can be used for a large variety of flexible flat samples such as strapping used in the packing industry, webbing straps for commercial vehicles, aircraft etc. A reasonable length of sample is required so that you can load the grips, but the tails can then be pulled through to take out the slack before commencing the test.

It is advisable to use a guard on the testing machine while testing this type of sample as the energy released at the break point can cause the broken ends of the sample to flail around violently.

Full Description

Maximum Load
50kN. This is the rating of the grip, the actual force that can be supplied to the sample will depend on its coefficient of friction.

Sample Size
Max width 80mm, max thickness 5mm.

Sample Type
Seatbelts, general webbing and strapping.

31.0 kg approx.