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ST86 150kN Wedge Grip (pair)

A capstan operated wedge grip where the grip body moves upwards under the capstan action , closing the jaws on to the sample. This action minimises the preload applied to the sample by the grips. The jaws are spring loaded to the capstan rod, this eliminates backlash and allows the jaws to move when load is applied.

Various jaw sets are available allowing flat samples to 28mm thickness and round samples up to 36mm diameter to be tested. Flat jaws are cut with a 90 degree 1.5mm pitch pyramid tooth form. Round sample jaws are cut with a buttressed tooth form with either a 1.25mm or 2mm pitch. Jaws are easily interchanged, requiring only the loosening of two screws. Special jaw sets are available to customers specification.

Full Description

These grips are supplied with a set of jaws as detailed in the specification.  If you do not require the standard jaws please select the “without jaws” option from the drop down price menu and then add to your cart the jaws you require from those shown at the bottom of this page

Maximum Load

Sample Size
The grip is supplied with 0-21mm flat faces as standard. Alternative jaw sets are available for the following:

  • 10-28mm flat samples – Part Number S47009 – 4 required.
  • 6-12mm round samples – Part Number S47010 – 4 required.
  • 12-24mm round samples – Part Number S47011 – 4 required.
  • 24-36mm round samples – Part Number S47012 – 4 required.

Sample Type
Metals, plastics, wires, composites, wood

40kg per pair.