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ST65 Corrugated Board Crush

A pair of compression plattens with linear guidance used to perform edgewise and flatwise compression tests on corrugated board. Using the ring test accessory the ring crush test to SCAN-P34:71 may also be performed. The fixture also conforms to the British standard BS6036. Plattens are supplied with a fine shot blast finish for a high friction surface. Alternatively if required the customer may add fine emery paper to the plattens to increase the surface friction.

A pair of guide blocks are also supplied with the standard jig to hold the board in place while the initial load is applied. Sample size for the SCAN test is 100mm long x 25mm high.

The ring test accessory is used to test facing boards and thin corrugated boards in compression by holding the sample in the form of a cylinder between the plattens of the compression fixture. It consists of a circular base with an annular groove to take the sample. The centre of the annulus consists of a set of removable disks which can be interchanged for different sample thickness. The SCAN specification recommends 8 ranges covering thickness’ of 0.15 to 0.49 mm.

This is a very accurate jig with platten parallelism of 1 part in 2000 and lateral movement controlled within 0.05 mm and is consequently manufactured to the highest standards.

All components are either stainless steel or plated for excellent corrosion resistance.

Full Description

Maximum Load


Sample Size

Max height 75mm, platten size 120mm square unrestricted.

Sample Type

Corrugated packaging board, single, double and triple walled.


5.0 kg.


Ring crush test block to SCAN-P34:71 S65007.