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ST62 20kN Scissor Grip (pair)

A self tightening grip using a scissor action. Initial grip is provided by spring tension. This grip features a very wide opening of 40mm to allow samples to be tested. Jaw faces are hardened to approximately 60HRC and have 1mm pitch pyramid cut faces. Other tooth forms can be provided on request. Jaws for round samples can be provided if required.

All parts are either stainless steel or plated for excellent corrosion resistance.

Full Description

Maximum Load

Sample Size
50mm wide max, 40mm thick max.

Sample Type
Plastics, rubber, wood, soft metals, belting etc. Flat or round samples.

8 kg per pair.

Jaws for round samples 8-20mm
Part Number
Set of 4 required

NOTE!!! Round and flat jaws are not interchangeable by the customer.