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ST6 Round Compression Platens (pair)

A set of round compression platens available in three different diameters and in steel or aluminium. All platens are plated for corrosion resistance.

The choice of steel or aluminium will depend on the hardness of the sample and the load required. The aluminium platens will take up to 20kN but this is not usually available on the 50mm size because of the size of fiting that can be accommodated. The machine fitting will ultimately decide the exact load you can use. Aluminium platens are for softer samples and point loads MUST be avoided. Steel platens will take loads up to 100kN but again the machine fitting will determine the exact load. Steel platens will take more concentrated load than aluminium. If very hard samples are to be tested the steel platens can be hardened or a tungsten carbide insert added.

Full Description

Maximum Load
Aluminium 20kN.  Steel 100kN.

Sample Size
50mm, 100mm, 150mm diameters are available.

Sample Type
Any sample, but high point loading must be avoided.

Part Numbers

Size Aluminium Steel
50mm ST6/1 ST6/4
100mm ST6/2 ST6/5
150mm ST6/3 ST6/6