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ST57 Modified Celanese Compression Fixture

The German DIN standard test is a modification of the American ASTM D 3410 Celanese test. The Celanese test jig has conical tapered wedges which only contact correctly at one position in the body, thus sample thickness is critical to get full wedge contact with the body. The DIN fixture has straight tapered wedges allowing full contact with the body of the fixture.

The fixture will accommodate both Celanese and DIN samples. Jaw faces to accommodate other sample sizes can be considered within the overall restraints of the fixture. Standard faces are cut with fine serration’s and hardened to approximately 60HRC. Alternative faces such as hard particles can be supplied.

The problem of binding of the outer alignment sleeve which is also experienced with the ASTM fixture has not been eliminated in the DIN version. An alternative guidance system using linear bearings and guide rods can be supplied with this fixture, this is designated ST57/2. It is recommended that load is applied to this fixture via one or two compression plattens. The upper platten should be fitted with a universal joint.

Full Description

Sample Size

ASTM Celanese and DIN tabbed samples, max length 155mm, max width 6.35mm, max thickness 6.5mm.

Sample Type

GRP, CFRP, and similar fibre reinforced resin composites.


5 kg.


ST57/2 modified version incorporating linear guides to eliminate binding of sleeve.