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ST54 20kN Vice Grip Double Acting (pair)

A general purpose vice grip for loads up to 20kN. The grip is double sided to allow the sample to be centralised, avoiding bending loads on the loadcell and sample. Sample width with the standard jaws is 50mm, with an opening of 25mm. Wider jaws can be made on request. The standard jaws are rubber faced, alternative jaws are shown above. Rubber jaws can be supplied without the facings if plain jaws are necessary.

Pyramid jaws hardened to 60 HRC and fabric jaws with an interlocking corrugated finish are available if required.

Full Description


These grips are supplied with a set of jaws as detailed in the specification.  If you do not require the standard jaws please select the “without jaws” option from the drop down price menu and then add to your cart the jaws you require from those shown at the bottom of this page

Maximum Load
20kN. This is the rating of the grip, the actual load that can be applied to the sample will depend on it’s coefficient of friction.

Sample Size
25mm thick × 50mm wide, wider jaws by request.

Sample Type
Rubbers, plastics, films, fabrics, paper, laminates. Samples must be flat.

10kg per pair.

Pyramid cut face 1mm pitch
Part Number S45005
4 required

Fabric jaw faces
Part Number S45006
4 required

Rubber jaw faces
Part Number S45007
4 required

Plain jaw faces
Part Number S45004
4 required