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ST50 300kN Hydraulic Vice Grip (pair)

The grip is a single acting hydraulic vice with manual adjustment of the opposing jaw face. This arrangement allows asymmetric samples to be held centrally in the machine. Flat or round jaws are available as standard. Flat jaws are pyramid cut with 1.5mm pitch teeth, finer teeth for hard specimens can be supplied on request. We can also supply other faces such as waved, rubber coated, aluminium or hard faced if required.

The standard power pack is pneumatically driven, producing 350bar at 6 bar of pneumatic pressure. Maximum air pressure is 8 bar which gives a clamping force of 333kN. Grips are controlled by separate valves allowing each grip to be closed independently. An alternative arrangement is offered which requires both hands to close the grips, improving operator safety. With this arrangement the optional sample holder is required. An electrically driven pump is available if an air supply is not available.

The sample holder is a vice arrangement which holds the sample centrally in the grips while the grips are closed, it clips to the static jaw on the lower grip. The sample holder only works with rigid samples.

Full Description

Maximum Load

300kN clamping force at 6 bar, 333kN at 8 bar pneumatic. Tensile rating 300kN.

Sample Size

145mm wide, 30mm thick. Round samples 6-15mm and 15-30mm diameter.

Sample Type

Metals, rubber, plastic, composites etc.


140 kg per pair.


Round jaw faces 6-15mm dia
Part Number S50009

Round jaw faces 15-30mm dia
Part NumberS50010

Spare flat jaws
Part NumberS50008

Pneumatically driven oil pump with valves
Part NumberS50011

Sample holder
Part NumberS50012