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ST44 10kN Rope Grip (pair)

The rope is wrapped around a bollard, once or twice, depending on it’s diameter and then the tail is clamped in a vice. The bollard diameter is 40mm. The vice will accommodate rope up to 8mm maximum. Friction between the bollard and the rope and the initial tension from the vice take the load applied by the tensile testing machine. If testing to BS EN919 then it should be noted that the ratio of bollard diameter to rope diameter should be a minimum of 10:1.

The grip is designed to be loaded by holding the sample in the left hand, winding it round the bollard and then passing it through the jaws of the vice. The clamp is operated with the right hand. The grip should be arranged on the anchor pin on a front to back axis with the clamp to the right hand side.

Full Description

Maximum Load
10kN. This is the rating of the grip, the actual force that can be applied to the sample will depend on its coefficient of friction against the bollard.

Sample Size
8mm diameter.

Sample Type
Ropes, yarns and twines.

2.3 kg per pair.