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ST43 1kN Wire and Yarn Grip (pair)

The grip operates on the bollard and clamp principle. The bollard is 20mm in diameter and made from stainless steel. The clamp consists of a pair of friction washers and a thumbscrew. The bollard has a single smooth groove to centre the sample with the load attachment. Multiple turns around the clamp pin or the bollard are possible if the sample diameter is small enough. If wires are being tested they must be flexible enough to wrap around the bollard and clamp pin.

The clamp washers are designed to float on the clamp spindle so that they do not rotate and pretension or damage the sample when clamping.

Full Description

Maximum Load
1kN. This is the rating of the grip, the actual force that can be applied to the sample will depend on its coefficient of friction against the bollard.

Sample Size
0-2mm diameter.

Sample Type
Yarns, twines and fine wires.

0.3 kg per pair.