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ST2 100kN Hydraulic Vice Grip (pair)

This is a double sided vice grip with hydraulic loading on one side. Manual adjustment of the other side is provided to centralise the sample. The jaw faces are 100mm × 70mm with a 1mm pyramid cut face. Plain faces are available as an option.

The closing force of the hydraulic ram is 100kN. Because of the high closing force the grip is supplied with a hand control that requires the operator to use both hands to close the grips. The lower grip is supplied with a mechanical clamp to hold the sample in position while the hand control is operated. Both grips close together. Single valves to close the two grips independently and without the two handed operation can be supplied as an option but is not recommended.

Hydraulic pressure is supplied from an air driven power pack to a maximum of 700bar. The customer has to supply the air from a filtered, non lubricated and regulated supply. An electrically driven pump is available as an option. The pump and all hoses, valves etc. between the pump and the grips are supplied connected and bled. The grips should NOT be disconnected from the pump as this will lead to oil loss and air entrapment.

Full Description


These grips are supplied with a set of jaws as detailed in the specification.  If you do not require the standard jaws please select the “without jaws” option from the drop down price menu and then add to your cart the jaws you require from those shown at the bottom of this page

Maximum Load

100kN body load, the load applied to your sample will depend on the coefficient of friction.

Sample Size

100mm wide × 40mm thick.

Sample Type

Rubbers, plastics, geotextiles etc. Samples must be flat.


Approximately 49kg per pair.


Plain faces 100mm × 70mm
Part Number S02005

Electrical pump assembly
Part Number S02010