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ST18 Motorised Ring Grip

The grip consists of two anvils 15mm diameter and 20mm wide. The anvils are mounted on shafts carried on ball bearings allowing the anvils to rotate. The lower anvil is driven by a small electric motor through a gearbox and is mounted to the lower anchor pin of the testing machine. The upper anvil is mounted to the loadcell of the testing machine and is free to rotate.

The lower anvil speed can be adjusted between 0 and 20 RPM. The speed control is mounted in a separate box, which can be positioned to suit the operator.

The grip is used to test loop samples such as ‘O’ rings or rubber bands. The sample is placed over both anvils and rotated by the electric motor while a tensile load is applied by the testing machine. In this way stress in the sample is equalised through its length.

Full Description


The anvils can accommodate bands up to 20mm wide

‘O’ rings, rubber bands, strips cut from cylindrical items such as the fingers of rubber gloves.

4 Kg approximately.

Alternative anvils available to suit customer requirements.