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ST14 German Wheel Test

This fixture conforms to DIN 53357 and is used to test the adhesive peel strength of tapes and foils at 90 degrees to a surface. The adhesive backed sample is wrapped around the wheel which is mounted to the fixed crosshead of the machine. The end of the sample is folded back on itself to provide an adhesive free area, this end is clamped in the vice provided. The vice is mounted to the loadcell on the moving crosshead of the machine. When the machine is started the sample peels off the wheel and the peel strength is measured. The wheel is mounted on free running ball bearings to minimise friction.

Any flexible adhesive backed material may be tested in widths up to 50mm.

Full Description

Maximum Load


Sample Size

50mm wide.

Sample Type

Adhesive tapes, and adhesive backed films and foils. Samples must be flexible to be able to wrap around the wheel.


1.2 kg.