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ST109 ASTM D 695/EN2850 COM

This fixture supports a composite compression sample to prevent buckling of the sample before compression failure of the bulk material.

The fixture includes the Boeing/SACMA mounting fixture, which also allows space for attaching strain gauges to one or both faces of the sample.

Please note this fixture is compressed between two compression platens that must be ordered separately; ST6/4 would be suitable.

This fixture could also be used for ASTM D 3849/Boeing BSS 7260 /SACMA SRM 1-88 and EN 2850.

Full Description

ST109 ASTM D 695 Compression Anti-Buckling Fixture for Composites

Maximum load 100kN

Sample size Max width 13 mm, 79.5 mm long maximum thickness 8 mm.

Sample type Composite laminates

Weight Approximately 3 Kg