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01/3429 Gel Bloom Jig 500N Base Table

The Gel Bloom Jig may be used for testing the Gel Bloom and Gel Strength according to BS757: 1975, ISO 9665 and
GMIA methods
It consists of a universal pot holder, 3 sample pots and a 0.5 inch flat cylinder probe
For BS757 and ISO 9665 use a PBT/0067/00 (0.5 inch probe with 0.5R)
For GMIA use the supplied 0.5 inch probe
Fit the universal pot holder to the FG/BASE (01/3426) and secure, fit the probe directly in to the loadcell.
Prepare the sample and condition in the container as per the relevant standard
Fit the container to the universal holder and secure
Test is a compress to extension limit of 4mm from trigger, the trigger varies between standards, refer to the individual
standard for each test type
Test may also be reversed to measure stickiness and adhesion

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