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01/3428 Warner Bratzler Jig 500N 5/8 inch eye end

The Warner Bratzler is used for the cutting and shearing of products such as sausages, hot dogs, cucumbers, carrots,
celery, courgette, zucchini, radish, beetroot and sweet potato, salsify, parsnips, daikon, horse-radish, mooli, leeks,
gherkins and dill pickles
It consists of a lower fixture with blade guide that fits in the FG/BASE (01/3426) and two sets of reversible blades
1 V-Notch with 60 ° angle
2 Flat Edge
3 Square Hole (12.5mm x 12.7mm)
4 Round Hole (12.5R)
Select the blade to be used and fit to the blade holder and secure using the two thumb screws; fit the blade to the loadcell.
Fit the lower fixture to the base table
Jog the machine down to insert the blade fully through the lower fixture and adjust alignment to for minimum friction, raise
the blade above the fixture and place the sample centrally on the lower fixture
Test is a compress to extension limit from trigger

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