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01/3427 Base Table 1kN 5/8 inch eye end

The food grip base table is supplied as standard with the Texture Analyser; it is a generic table for use with the majority of
food grips. It can be used as a general testing platform and also to hold some of the specialist fixture.
It consists of a square aluminium platform mounted on four pillars, the center of the platform has a hole with a recess to
accept other fixtures and four adjusting screws to aid alignment and the fixture is then mounted inside a universal drip tray
that fits on the lower anchor pin of the machine.
The distance between the platform and the drip tray is designed to accept a spill bowl for sample run off (SPC/0004/00)
The drip tray is water tight and may be easily removed from the machine for emptying the overspill if not used with a spill
The platform is supplied as standard with a blank insert which may be used as a compression plate
The table also has a circular recess to accept a splinter shield (01/3425)

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