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01/3421 Spaghetti Tensile Jig 500N M6 Male

The jig is used for the tensile and elongation properties of spaghetti and noodles, but may be used for other strand like
products such a licorice or products that form a loop or ring
It consists of two matching grip heads that are offset to allow for axial testing, each grip head has slots for sample location
and rotate to wind samples on to a spool with a locking screw. The upper is fitted directly to the loadcell and the lower to
the FG/BASE (01/3426)
Loosen the screw on each rotating head and feed one end of the sample in to the slot, rotate the head to wrap the sample
around the spindle and lock when in position, repeat for the procedure to secure the sample taking care not to pre-tension
the sample
Test is a pull to break with trigger; sample length is taken from the center of each spindle

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