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01/3420 Confectionary Holding Jig 500N Base Table

The jig is used for holding small samples that may fracture or require holding down for a return stroke
It consists of a base table insert with a sample clamp, a maximum sample clamping height of 10mm (higher available) a
10mm access aperture for penetration. Probes should be ordered separately
Fit the jig to the base table, fit a probe directly to the loadcell (9mm maximum diameter), loosen the plate retaining bolt
and lift the top plate up to expose the bottom plate, place the sample in the center of the lower plate and lower the top
plate, fix the top plate to the bottom using the front screw clamp, the distance between plates can also be adjusted using
the two screws on the back of the plate, and care is taken not to crush the sample
Test is a compress to limit from trigger or cycle to limit

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