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01/3413 Forward Extrusion Jig 500N M6 Male

The jig may be used for testing gels, sauces, fats, pastes and viscous liquids
It consists of a universal pot holder, three extrusion containers, a 49.5mm compression disc, an extension rod and a set of
five extrusion discs with trapezoid holes (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10mm diameter)
Select a disc based on the viscosity of the product to be tested, if the product is likely to extrude under gravity then
choose a smaller hole. If this is still an issue a small piece of adhesive tape may be placed on the underside of the disc to
hold the contents while they are conditioned or before the test starts
Fit the compression disc to the extension rod and the rod direct to the loadcell
Fit the universal holder to the base table
Fit the sample container with the first sample
Jog the machine down to insert the compression disc in to the container and align to minimize friction, withdraw the
compression plate slightly above the container
Test is a compress to limit from trigger

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