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01/3410 Multi-probe 500N M6 Male

The Multi-probe Jig is primarily used for testing the firmness and hardness of samples containing particles where a single
probe may contact a particle to give an erroneous reading, the unique product design allows for the probes to be
configured in several combinations to suit the sample to be probed. Typical products are jams, preserves, marmalades,
ice creams, nut spreads and peanut butter
It consists of 10 probes, a two part probe clamp and direct connects to the loadcell with 6mm set screw. The probe clamp
may be opened to arrange the probes in several configurations (as shown). Flat end probes are also available
Fit the probe to the loadcell and place the sample directly under the probe
Test is a compress to limit with trigger
Ensure probe configuration remains the same for comparative testing

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