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01/3409 Tube Extrusion Jig 1KN 5/8 inch eye end

The Tube Squeeze Jig is primarily used for extruding samples from tubes or sachets, ideal for toothpaste, cosmetics,
sauces, puree and hand creams
It consists of an anchor pin mounted base with four support pillars. The top plate consists of two bearing mounted guided
rollers adjustable from 0mm to 25mm and a spill bowl
To be used in conjunction with a vice grip for the upper fixture
Fit the vice grip to the loadcell
Fit the squeeze jig to the anchor pin
Open the rollers to maximum and place the end of the sample either down through the open roller or up through the open
rollers. Clamp the sample in the vice grip and lower the vice grip to lower the sample to a suitable start position
Adjust the width of the roller to accommodate the tube (1-2mm wider than the total thickness of the empty sample)
Place the spill bowl beneath the sample

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