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01/3407 Spreadability Jig 500N M6 Male

The jig is used to test the Spreadability of butter, margarine, fat, cheese spreads, chocolate spreads and pastes
It consists of a universal pot holder (07/2336), three sample pots and a 90 ° cone probe
Fit the universal pot holder to the base table and a pot to the in to holder, connect the cone probe directly to the loadcell.
Align the probe and pot before the test using the slow jog function
Prepare the samples by filling the pots with product using a spatula, ensuring that air pockets are removed but not to
overwork the sample. Sample may be conditioned prior to testing.
Place the sample in the holder and secure, move the machine down until the probe is approximately 5mm from the
Test is a compress to distance from trigger

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