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01/2754 Kramer Shear Jig 500N 5/8 inch eye end

The is primarily used for Shear testing of bulk products that have multiple particles such as fruit and vegetable, beans,
pulses, peas, cereal. Testing for compression, extrusion and shear where an average is required
It consists of lower fixture container with a Perspex front, an upper fixture with 10 blades that match to 10 slots in the
lower fixture. The blades are guided through the slots and protrude through the base of the container
Fit the lower fixture to the base table and the upper fixture to the loadcell, using the slow jog function lower the upper
fixture in to the lower and align for minimum friction between the blades and slots. Raise the upper fixture clear of the
container ready to load sample
Weigh out sufficient sample to fill the container by 50%, jog the upper fixture down until the bottom of the blades are level
with the top of the container.
Test is a compress to a distance of 70mm with trigger

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