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01/2663 Volodkevich Bite Jig 500N 5/8 inch eye end

The Volodkevich Bite Jig is primarily used for shear testing on meat products although may be used for other products; it
simulates a bite action similar to incisor action.
It consists of a base table insert with 6mm hole, lower fixture with sample guide and a matching upper fixture, lower fixture
is fitted to the insert and upper to the loadcell
Fixture width 12mm with a 1.5 radii on upper and lower fixture
Before testing mount the upper fixture on the loadcell and the lower fixture on the base table, using the four adjustment
screws on the base table align the upper and lower fixtures so no contact is made between them when they are moving to
within touching distance
10mm wide samples are rested over the lower fixture, the upper fix is then moved down to touch the sample with a trigger
force, the test then drives to a extension limit shearing the product

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