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01/2657 Dough Stickiness Jig 500N M6 Male

The Dough Stickiness Jig is primarily used for the stickiness and adhesion properties of dough It consists of an extrusion cell, Perspex disc and a 25mm diameter cylinder probe Remove the screw cap from the top of the extrusion cell and move the piston to the lowest position by turning the inner screw anticlockwise. Place a suitable quantity of the prepared dough into the chamber. (The top of the dough should not be proud of the cell body). Replace the screw cap. Rotate the inner screw clockwise until dough is just extruded through all the holes, and then remove the extruded dough with a spatula. Extrude 1mm of dough by turning the inner screw one turn clockwise and then back off the screw a little to remove the pressure on the dough. Place the circular transparent plate over the top cap for 30 seconds, taking care not to touch the dough. This retains the moisture whilst allowing the dough to rest. Place the cell on the base table and directly under the cylindrical probe and carry out the test. The test is a drive to trigger then extension limit then return above start position

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