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01/2656 Dough Preparation Jig 500N M6 Probe

The Dough Preparation Jig is primarily used for testing the firmness of dough
It consists of a preparation cell, an aeration plunger, flat plunger and a 6mm diameter cylinder probe
110g of dough mixture is weighed and placed in to the container, the lid with the multiple probes is then pushed in to the dough, this is done to remove air pockets which may affect the consistency of the test and minimizes handling of the sample.
The lid is removed and the dough now has an uneven surface, this is smoothed out by placing the smooth surface lid on the pot and pushing down to even out the dough surface, then remove the lid, place the pot on the machine base or base table.
The 6mm probe can be screwed directly in to the loadcell then moved down until it is slightly above the surface of the dough.
The test can now be started by positioning the pot so that the probe is above a smooth region; the test is a simple compression test to a limit from trigger

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