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Paper, cardboard and corrugated board testing jigs

Seatallan have designed two specialist jigs for testing corrugated board and wet paper.


For compression tests on corrugated board, our board crush can perform tests of card either edgewise or flatwise. This saves time and effort in changing jigs between each test and is particularly beneficial when used with a multi-function, flexible testing machines by manufacturers such as Zwick/Roell.


The ST66 Finch device is specially made for tensile strength tests on wet paper.


Save time and effort by buying your Seatallan paper and board jigs online now, from our dedicated online store. We'll ship your jigs direct to your door, so there's no waiting for deliveries through an agent, and we are never "out of stock" because we design, make and manufacture every jig ourselves.

ST116 500N Finch Device Wet Paper Testing

Price / kg:

ST116 500N Finch Device Wet Paper Testing BS 2922 Pt 2 1984 & ENISO 12625-5 2005

ST65 Corrugated Board Crush

Price / kg:

A pair of compression plattens with linear guidance used to perform edgewise and flatwise compression tests on corrugated board. Using the ring test accessory the ring crush test to SCAN-P34:71 may also be performed.

ST66 Finch Device

Price / kg:

This fixture is designed to carry out tensile tests on wet paper samples. It has a built in soaking device to avoid the handling of wet paper. The paper is loaded dry, then the cup is raised to cover the sample with water and held for the required length

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