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ST49 30kN Bending Jig_product_productST49 30kN Bending Jig
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ST49 30kN Bending Jig_product_product ST49 30kN Bending Jig ST49 30kN Bending Jig_product

ST49 30kN Bending Jig

Price / kg:
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Product Description

Maximum Load



Sample Size

Width 100mm max, span 20-400mm. Standard anvil radius 12.5mm.


Sample Type

Any material, limited only by the dimensions of the jig.



16kg approximately.


  • 4 point bend attachment / Part Number / S49009
  • Transducer mounting kit / Part Number / S49010
  • Other anvil diameters on request
  • Ball bearing mounted anvils on request



This is a guided bending jig, where the upper anvil is held parallel to the lower anvils by guides mounted on the side of the beam. The anvils are free to rotate in their support blocks. The upper and lower anvils are interchangeable. The size of alternative anvils will be restricted by the load to be used, please consult the factory to see if a particular load/anvil diameter is possible. Maximum sample width is 100mm, maximum span is 400mm.


An adjustable 4 point bend attachment is available with a span of 20-200mm. Anvil radius is 12.5mm.


If required anvils mounted on bearings can be fitted, please enquire if this is necessary. A transducer mounting kit is available to fit an 8mm diameter LVDT to the fixture. Maximum LVDT stroke is 10mm.

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