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ST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting_product_product_product_product_product_productST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting
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ST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting_product_product_product_product_product_product ST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting ST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting_product ST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting_product ST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting_product ST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting_product

ST8 500N Vice Grip Single Acting

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Product Description


These grips are supplied with a set of jaws as detailed in the specification.  If you do not require the standard jaws please select the “without jaws” option from the drop down price menu and then add to your cart the jaws you require from those shown at the bottom of this page


Maximum Load

500N. This is the rating of the grip, the actual load that can be applied to the sample will depend on the coefficient of friction.


Sample Size

24mm wide, 2mm thick recommended, 5mm with caution see below.


Sample Type

Films, paper, rubbers and plastics. Samples must be flat.



1.2kg per pair.



Pyramid cut face 1mm pitch

Part Number S08006

2 required




This is a single sided vice grip for thin samples. Rubber coated faces are fitted as standard. The gripping force is applied by a threaded rod which is cross drilled to allow the use of a bar to increase the clamping force. Because of the single sided action the machine connection is centred on the fixed face. This allows for the best alignment of the load axis for thin samples. The 5mm opening is to allow for soft samples which compress on clamping. If thick rigid samples are used it should be appreciated that the load axis of the sample and machine will not be in line.


For thick samples where centring is important use ST9.


An alternative pyramid cut face is available for the moving side of the vice. This is hardened to 60HRC. This jaw face is not interchangeable by the customer, it must be ordered with the grip and will be fitted at the factory.

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