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01-2011.jpg01/2011 GRAPHIC 450 Y/t CHART RECORDER
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Product Description

Graphic 450X Strip Chart Recorder

The Graphic 450X analogue chart recorder from Seatallan provides simple plug in and go real time recording. You can change applications in minutes, and there's no programming or complicated resetting involved.


A single pen only recorder, the Seatallan Graphic chart recorder can record any analogue output against time, with applications across most industries and scientific disciplines.


Seatallan chart recorders: durable, rugged,dependable

Rugged and built to last, this workhorse chart recorder comes with a waterproof carrying case and rechargeable battery packs as options. The isolated low voltage supply safeguards both the operator and peripheral equipment used with the recorder.


Features include:

  • Direct Inputs
  • Variable input voltages and chart speeds
  • Switchable 50/60Hz filter

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Pen Lift and Pre-amplifier

The Graphic 450X comes with a mechanical pen lift and permanently fitted standard pre-amplifier.


The voltage zero and full scale deflection (fsd) calibration facilities allow an infinite array of calibrated ranges. Back-off is extended from 100% with the standard pre-amplifier to 1000%, in 10 steps of 100%, with the high performance pre-amplifier.


Both dc voltage amplifiers have a switchable 50/60Hz filter, making them highly resilient to changes in the supply voltage.



Standard DC Voltage Pre-amplifier (01/1331)

5 pre-calibrated ranges 1mV to 10V, plus an infinite number of intermediate sensitivities with a maximum input of 150V. Adjustable true zero, full scale deflection and pen position on chart. Selectable (50/60Hz) filter.  Switchable left or right hand zero.


High Performance DC Voltage Pre-amplifier (01/1332)

As for the standard pre-amplifier plus: 15 pre-calibrated ranges 1mV to 100V; 1000% back of in 10 steps of 100%. Back off, or zero suppression, enhances the readability of small changes in large signals. Up to 10 times the nominal range of the signal can be subtracted allowing a higher sensitivity to be used.

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